The lessons we offer are weekly for 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

 Experience the expertise of our staff who teach all ages and all levels. Pupils of all ages learn at their own pace with individualized lessons geared specifically to their needs.  All students are invited to perform in our annual recital each Spring. Our teachers all have years of  experience with NYSSMA preparation.


Students learn proper hand position, technique, and musical expression right from the beginning as they also learn how to read music. Music theory is taught concurrently with the lessons. Jeanne Marino, Mark Marino, Al Marino, Erika Issacson, kevin Weir and Matt Liebowitz are our piano teachers.

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Guitar, bass guitar and ukulele

Guitarists and bass guitarists learn to read music either on acoustic or electric guitar or on electric bass. Melody, harmony and rhythm are taught along with basics of music theory. More advanced students learn to play different styles of music. Ukulele students learn to accompany songs. Our guitar and uke teachers are Mark and Al Marino. 

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Breathing, intonation, diction and phrasing are learned along with repertoire. Audition prep is also offered where needed. Students will learn to sing different styles of music using proper vocal technique. Our vocal teachers are Jeanne marino, Erika Issacson, Kevin Weir and Matt Liebowitz.

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Students learn proper posture and bowing while learning about reading music and basics of music theory. Solo pieces are learned and help is always available with school orchestra music as well. Al Marino is our violin teacher.

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