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Me to 8th grade boy who is very bright but doesn't usually practice: "Wow you played that beautifully! It sounds like you practiced a lot!"
Him: "Yes I really did."
Me: "What inspired you to practice?"
Him: "My mom started taking $5.00 from me every day that I don't practice."
me: "Your mom is a genius."

Well it's that time of the year again when everything starts back up. It's no surprise to me that practicing gets put on the back burner during the summer and that's expected. So now is the tricky part- getting your kids excited about music again. The truth is that becoming a musician requires a tiny bit of talent and a whole lot of determination and willingness to practice over and over again.  I'm not opposed to using  bribery, i.e. dessert comes after practicing or video games come after practicing, the keys to the car...(kidding) However I think we all would rather have the kids CHOOSE to practice. The best way to accomplish this is to have a set schedule for practice such as right after school, right after dinner, or before school. Once a real habit is created you will find that the more your son/daughter practices, the more they will WANT to practice.

Performing always creates a desire to practice more. We have been inviting students to sit in with the band at Mark's gig on Sunday nights at Sophia Italian Bistro in Amityville. It is a great opportunity, a great learning experience and a lot of fun for the whole family. For more info about this, talk to your teacher.

All of us at MM Music are looking forward to a great year!
Al Marino: City Cellar , Westbury Sunday Brunch 11-2:30 516-693-5400
Mark Marino:  Sophia Italian Bistro Sundays 6-9pm 631-598-1150

xoxo Jeanne

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